Monday, 12 September 2011

Now is the Time to Plan for a Water Feature

As the summer draws to an end and the riot of colour and accelerated growth in the garden pales and dies down, it’s easy to mourn the long days and the fruits of the year’s toil. But as the garden retreats into its autumn / winter state, now is a good time to plan major features and changes to your landscape.

Water features are a great addition to the garden and the benefits are many. You don’t need lots of space to have a water feature either, even the tiniest of gardens can accommodate a water feature, the trick is choosing the right one.

A Place to Relax and Unwind

Water has a universally relaxing quality and it’s no great surprise that the sounds of water are used in many relaxation treatments and therapies. Creating a water feature such as a gently flowing fountain or cascading feature such as a waterfall will provide you with your very own oasis of calm and a place to retreat to. An illuminated water feature will add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space once dusk descends too.

Creating a New Wildlife Environment

A water feature, such as a pond with sloping sides, will in time attract a new and diverse range of wildlife into your garden. Even without adding any species to your pond you’ll be amazed at the amount of plant and insect life that will develop as nature finds her way. Expect to see frogs, newts and toads in the garden as well as insects such as dragon flies, damsel flies and pond skaters. Small birds such as finches, sparrows and tits will flock to the pond to bathe and drink. Watching the changing phases of a pond and discovering new species throughout the year is rewarding and fascinating.

Give us a call to find out more about our range of water features, or for advice on which feature is right for you and your garden. We can supply everything from pyramids, stones and statues to ponds, waterfalls and bird baths.