Thursday, 13 October 2011

October is the Time For.. Planning for Spring Colour

While the start of the colder weather gives the impression that the garden is shutting up shop for winter, this is the right time for planting spring bulbs.

I love the autumn, the time to plan for the year ahead. It’s good to think that as the leaves turn and fall and the garden prepares for frost and snow you’ve made firm investments to ensure your garden bursts back to life when the weather warms up. Planting now in October, before the weather gets too cold, makes good gardening sense too as the soil is still holding some of the summer’s heat and will really help the bulbs get rooted in the soil and, quite literally, put some roots down!

Getting Nifty with the Rake

If you’ve spent the summer cultivating the perfect lawn then it’s important you get the rake out and gather up any fallen leaves to make certain they don’t rot on your springy grass. I like to leave fallen leaves in other parts of the garden though – where they can’t do any harm, just because it’s such a seasonal treat to see piles of golden leaves. Keeping your paths and patio clear however is a good idea as wet, rotting leaves are extremely slippery. Another note on lawns – after the final cut of the season, now is also a good time to give the lawn a good autumn feed, particularly if your lawn has seen out more than its fair share of impromptu football matches, barbecues and the odd tent or two during the summer months!


October is a good time for bringing any houseplants indoors that have enjoyed some freedom outside during the summer months, especially before the first frosts hit. Clean out any nest boxes that you’ve installed in the garden and start thinking of good places for bird feeders or a bird table; our feathered friends don’t need much help at the moment where food is concerned as there’s a veritable smorgasbord all around us but they will in the winter time. Prune shrubs now and get weeding and mulching too.

If you’d like to discuss garden plans for next year or you’d like some advice on replanting a lawn then feel free to get in touch.