Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How Much Wildlife do you Want in Your Garden?

One of my recent posts discussed how to keep your dog inside your garden. Another aspect of your fencing is to keep out unwelcome wildlife.

No, I’m not suggesting that our wooden fencing will stop a tiger getting into your garden, but unless you live near an unfortunate zoo, that’s not likely to be a problem here. It probably won’t stop the neighbours’ cats coming in either, but there could be other life in the locality that you would prefer to keep outside your boundaries.

Don't Let Animals Spoil Your Garden

When you view the TV wildlife problems, you’ll see that some people do welcome wild foxes, badgers and deer into their gardens. These animals, however, can do a lot of damage to your lawns and planting, so while you may love to view and support them in the wild, you may prefer to discourage them from your garden with adequate fencing. We suggest that a high wooden fence, perhaps with some mesh dug in the ground underneath, will be sufficient in most cases.

In locations as varied as Upminster and Orsett, fences around homes have also been topped with attractive trellis work at the top to make them even higher. Of course, it’s important to check them regularly for any repair work needed.

Keep an Eye on Security

Don’t forget your garden gates either. Close the entry way with solid wooden gates to match your fencing and get added security from unwelcome visitors, whether animal or human. Undertake appropriate fence repairs to keep your boundaries secure so that you can have more time to enjoy your garden with the bees and wee things that will help, rather than the larger animals that could damage it.

NB Thanks to and their contributor for the lovely tiger pic.

Outdoor Living in Summer

On balmy summer days your thoughts are likely to turn to intimate al fresco dining, or barbecues with gatherings of friends in the garden. You want to make the most of the outside space you have available and make it as attractive as possible. It adds external rooms to your home and the ‘walls’, or fences, of its garden rooms are as important as its internal walls.

Multi-purpose Fencing Walls

They need to keep your business private, and help to mute any noise heard from neighbouring residences. In built up areas of Essex like Romford and Hornchurch, fences that are solid and wooden are ideal for this. They not only mark property boundaries, they can also partition off garden areas so you can surround your dinner parties and other gatherings with double layers of fencing.

The fences don’t have to be just solid and enclosing. They can be topped with delicately patterned trellis and decorated with hanging baskets and outdoor artwork, or have planted borders at ground level.

Fencing Makes the Most of Lights

For many homeowners in locations such as Brentwood or Romford, fencing gives an opportunity to hang their effective lighting arrangements. After dark, guests will be free to wander in light and shade and follow mysterious pathways through dimly lit gaps in the fences. Meanwhile the jollity will continue in the main party area, where you might have seating and food, background music, maybe even a space for dancing.

So when you are planning your summer shindigs, make sure your fences are where you want them and in good condition. Then you can choose your party themes and decorate the ‘walls’ and fences of your garden rooms to match.