Sunday, 18 December 2011

How to Avoid a Winter Fence Emergency (and what to do if you have one)

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s mighty windy out there! Much of the country has been battered by wintry storms with winds reaching gale force in parts of Britain last week. As you can imagine, these types of storms cause untold damage but you don’t have to experience winds to the force we saw last week to cause havoc in the garden.

Winter is one of our busiest times, so even when the garden lays dormant we certainly do not. Emergency fencing keeps us busy throughout the winter as we fit and secure fencing in many gardens that have been damaged due to high winds and winter storms.

A good fence is vital for securing a home and garden so if it’s sustained any damage then it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible or security could be seriously at risk. We offer an emergency service for OAPs and vulnerable people to help keep homes and gardens safe and secure.

Tips for Winter Proofing a Fence

We never really know what the weather will do but it’s always wise to make sure that your fence is weather proof. If your fence has seen better days then act fast to get it secured for the inevitable winter gusts. The cost of making your fence strong could be much less than paying for emergency repairs or a whole new fence.

Make sure that you choose a professional to strengthen or repair your fence. A fence that’s been inadequately fixed will not last through another storm and will cost you much more than it should.

Opt for a gardening firm with experience in fencing. Here at D&G we offer a full range of fences from close boarded to picket and decorative panelling. Our fences are made to measure and come with all the fixtures and fittings required to keep your garden safe and secure.

Give us a call today for a free estimate and expert advice on winter proofing your fence.