Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gates for Your Garden

Changing your garden gates is a quick way to make things look different. It may also make you feel more secure.

Once you have given your fences a makeover, it’s time to give some attention to your gates. Essex and east London homeowners mostly ask us what gates will match their fences, but some like something decorative or different, so that they are easily picked out from the fencing.

We can recommend lap gates to match your larch lap panel fencing, or close board gates to match fences of that style. Whether you live in the countryside or in towns like Brentwood or Upminster, gates for your garden or driveway can be straight across, arched or trellis topped the same as your fencing panels.

For Something Different

If you have a cottage style garden, we’d advise you to think of having rustic gates of some sort. You could get some ideas from the internet, then design and make your own or have them made up for you. If your cottage garden has a picket fence, then of course, you will want your gates to match it in style, height and colour.

Our wooden garden gates can be purchased as standard or made to your specification. They can be modern and elegant or traditional and rustic. Choosing the right gates to suit your garden can make the exterior of your home much more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Throughout east London and Essex, our garden gates are a source of pride for their owners.

Using Fencing in Your Spring Garden Project

At last the weather is turning warmer, the gorse is blooming on heathland and our gardens are starting to blossom. At this time of year we know that lots of garden owners are thinking about what their first spring project should be.

Fences as Camouflage

Perhaps it’s a question of camouflaging the rubbish and recycling area or the compost heap. This is where a panel or two of decorative fencing can make all the difference. We love to talk about this kind of project, because there are so many fencing materials to choose from which will give different effects.

Screening panels could come in bamboo, willow, reed or cleft chestnut. Brushwood or bark might give a really natural finish to the area if that is what you are after. We also advise you to think of trellis which comes in panels with a thick lattice that is good for camouflage. When they prefer more solid fences, Upminster and other Essex residents often finish them with a dainty trellis top.

A Fencing Windbreak

Another project you might have in mind is protection from wind for a small area, perhaps where you have some seating or some delicate plants. For this you don’t want solid fencing but something that allows some air through while reducing the strength of the wind. For our customers in east London and Essex areas such as Romford and Hornchurch, fencing types we recommend for this will include trellis panels. If you want to grow a living windbreak, a panel or two behind the plants will do the job while they grow.

Whatever type of spring garden projects you have in mind, now is the time to start having fun with them.